Global Trading

Cadmus Capital and Energy is focused on the sourcing and marketing of Energy Products. We seek investment opportunities where:

There is an imbalance between supply and demand factors in the marketplace.

- There is a readily liquid market to sell our products into.

- Logistical and risk management factors make good sense to enter into the marketplace.

We continue to seek out those opportunities where we can make a profit in the short term but also continue to expand the position long-term as well.

When evaluating any investment into energy, we consider several factors. The location and logistics of the investment, the terms of the business opportunity, the ability to profit in an on-going basis, the amount of risk that we are willing to put forth in order to achieve the investment objective and how long we plan on being involved in the particular investment and most importantly who is involved and managing the various stages of the operations.

By taking a pragmatic approach to each investment proposal and viewing the proposal through these criteria, we feel as if we have looked at the proposal from all of the possible viewpoints. While no transaction is ever guaranteed, we do try to mitigate our risks and increase our gains while keeping costs down. No one wins 100% of the time, but by staying educated on the transaction, working on the areas that we have strengths in and finding quality help on the areas that we are not as strong in, we have found a workable solution to any transaction we may choose to get involved with.


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